KMMJ Engineering PYY LTD fabricates, assembles and installs structural steel for construction projects ranging from major development sites such as industrial factories and commercial buildings, infrastructure to residential houses.

KMMJ Engineering PYY LTD has over 30 years experience in offsite welding & fabrication, painting, assembly, rigging and erecting the structure on site.  Our structural steel capabilities include mild steel fabrication, MIG & TIG welding, plate pressing & bending, pipe rolling, base plate hole punching, oxy cutting, sheet metal cutting & bending.

We provide services from the ground up to the roof.  Installing columns, brazing rods, beams and roof purlines and rigging all the components.  We also fit out mezzanines, staircases with landing platforms and handrails within factories and warehouses and architectural staircases and handrails for office spaces, retail and schools.  External to the structure, we manufacture and install structural awnings and balustrades, bollards and guard rails for parking lots.

All steel is sourced locally to ensure compliance with Australian standards.  Quality of product is of the highest importance to KMMJ Engineering PYY LTD and we take pride in supporting Australian businesses.